Victoria is a responsible and competent lawyer. It's nice to deal with a reliable lawyer. I advise everyone who needs the help of a good and qualified lawyer!

Posted by Gennadii, December 6, 2020

Smart, intelligent and professional person!

I know Victoria Ledeneva for more than 4 years. She helped me and my husband to get immigration papers

Victoria is a wonderful person and excellent and professional lawyer. She is always ready to pick up your call and answer any questions . I would strongly recommend her to anyone who need professional help!

Posted by Jenny, November 25, 2020


Я очень благодарна Виктории за ее профессионализм. Она очень грамотно собрала мой пакет документов на постоянную грин карту. Всего за пару недель я получила положительный ответ без интервью. Спасибо большое. Можете смело к ней обращаться

Posted by Svitlana, June 1, 2020

Perfect experience

Attorney Victoria Ledeneva handles my immigration and family law business for many years. She is a highly professional and knowledgeable attorney and she is always in touch, sharing her personal cell phone number with all her clients. She definitely goes for extra mile in everything and for a very reasonable price. I am happy to know Victoria Ledeneva and can recommend her and only her to everybody.

Posted by Ekaterina A., May 31, 2020 

Maximum professionalism and care

It was a great pleasure to work with Victoria! Among all the lawyers I called, Victoria was the only one who answered ALL my questions in detail, and then I had no doubt that she is an absolute professional. I could write to her late at night and she would respond instantly! My husband and I felt that she put her heart into our difficult case, given the short time frame, and now it is approved! I'm really amazed at her amount of knowledge! Our family highly recommend Victoria!

                                                                                                                                                                                    Posted by Anastassiya, May 2, 2020

Нашей семье посчастливилось стать клиентами такого Профессионала, как Виктория! У нее есть ответы на все вопросы. Я поражена количеством знаний, которыми она владеет. Виктория подготовила для нас сильный и сложный кейс в кратчайшие сроки, который на данный момент уже одобрен! Я могла написать ей поздно вечером, и получить ответ незамедлительно. При всей сложности ее работы, она просто замечательный человек, которому не все равно. Наша семья очень рекомендует Викторию как Профессионала своего дела!

Posted by Anastassiya, May 2, 2020

Trustworthy Lawyer!

I wouldn't want to work with any other lawyer but Victoria! First of all she knows what she is doing so there won't be a waste of time or money. She gives 100% of her time working with you. If I ever have a question or need a consultation regarding anything, I know I can call her and Victoria will always help me. Take my advice- get as your lawyer!

Posted by Viktoria, April 14, 2020

Professional and compassionate attorney!

First of all I want to say how grateful I am that I have such amazing attorney!! Victoria is not only highly professional but compassion, which you won’t see in nowadays. My case has started as an easy one but many changes were implemented to the procedures and it became a hard one. Victoria is able to think wind and is amazing writer! She put all her affords and soul in my case and we won!

Highly recommend Victoria!

Posted by Anna, March 18, 2020

Best lawyer

Hello everyone!

While choosing lawyer for ourselves our choice stopped on Victoria, as a absolute professional. Beside her professionalism, Victoria amaze by her responsibility, executive. To compare with other lawyers, Victoria taking care about what she is doing and also focus attention on details.    

Posted by Liliya, February 22, 2020

Lawyer who does not lose

I accidentally found out about Victoria Ledeneva and decided to contact her with my case. She professionally performed her work. Victoria is not only a good lawyer, but also a good person. I highly recommend her who wants to solve problems.    

Posted by Alexander, January 6, 2020

Excellent professional

I know Victoria as an excellent professional who helped me with my immigration case. I have spoken to several lawyers before contacting her, and all of them have told me that nothing could be done in my case. Victoria was the only one who managed to help me. She is a great professional who was always available and very responsive when I had any questions or concerns. Now if me or any of my family or friends would ever need the help immigration lawyer, Victoria will always be the first person to contact.     

Posted by Hanna, December 2, 2019 

Great attorney

Atty. Victoria Ledeneva helped us a lot when we didn’t know how to deal with the immigration process and she was very responsive and would reply to us very quickly when we had questions. We are very glad she was there for us!

Posted by Janelle, November 18, 2019

Outstanding lawyer

Very cooperative. Answers all of my questions works very hard she pushes over the limits she's a 24 hour lawyer who makes sure my case was finally brought to justice. I will highly recommend Mrs Victoria Ledeneva to anyone. 

Posted by Guillermo, November 10, 2019 

Lawyer who really cares

Ms. Ledeneva is the best you can find in Brooklyn. My case was very easy to begin with, but became beyond complicated all of a sudden (i was set up by a bigamist). She did everything to save and straighten my situation and it all worked out. She is highly professional but at the same time she really cares about her clients. She can call you or take your call after office hours or on weekend, just if you'll tell her that its important. She gives up her personal cell phone number and actively uses WhatsApp and text messages to communicate to her clients. She won't give up on your case even if your case is complicated, she will continue to do her job and look for a new way to get your case successfully done. On top of that, she is positive, realistic and optimistic, and a very nice person. 

Posted by Ekaterina, February 25, 2019

Trustworthy and professional

Victoria is a wonderful person and excellent and professional lawyer. She is always ready to pick up your call and answer any questions with a friendly attitude. I was amazed how much research and supporting documentation she included to my case (political asylum ). It always feels like she cares about you and your case and will do whatever it takes to help you.

Prior to Victoria I talked to many attorneys and I’m glad that I went with Victoria. By the way her prices are lower then average, which is also a great plus.     

Posted by Dmytro, January 21, 2019

Good Immigration Attorney

I have known attorney Ledeneva for over 4 years. Her former client recommended me to hire Ms. Ledeneva when I was looking for immigration attorney. As a result, Ms. Ledeneva represented 3 members of my family in 3 separate immigration matters. It is my pleasure to write this review. Ms. Ledeneva is a highly knowledgeable attorney, professional, efficient and reliable. She was always available if I had any questions and responded to my phone calls even on weekends. I highly recommend Ms. Ledeneva if someone needs help with any immigration problem or issue.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Posted by Yulia, January 21, 2019